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10 Essential Instagram Marketing Tips

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

With the world becoming more connectedwith social media, it makes sense50 percent or more businesses have switched from in-person marketing to sites like Instagram. However, the change is not as easy as it may seem, so if you want to make the switch, make sure you know these 10 Essential marketing tips when you begin.

instagram marketing article by Pierre Zarokian
  1. Make a Business Profile

When making a profile used for promoting your business, it’s important that you don’t create a personal profile. Instead, create a business profile that gives you access to Instagram ads and their analytics tool to help you manage your account.

  • Have a Frequent Posting Schedule

When running a business profile, it can be discouraging when you don’t get the attention you wanted. However, now is not the time to give up! Having a frequent posting schedule is the best step in getting recognized on Instagram. You never know? Possibly one of your posts could attract a lot of attention and kickstart your profile.

  • Create Captions

A caption can be extremely important when marketing your product through social media, if your post has no captions, viewers won’t be able to know the name of your product or how they can buy what you are selling. Making a caption with information about your company or business can direct potential customers to your business.

  •  Check Comments for Questions

To keep your followers interacting with your profile, it is important for you to answer the questions that they ask you. In order to create a more genuine connection, try and answer their question yourself instead of using pre-written answers.

  • Follow Similar Accounts

At times, everything necessary to pick up followers is to follow different people and businesses. Take the time to follow various profiles that may be keen on what you’re selling, most of the time, they will follow back.

  • Know the Right Time to Post

Because of the many support tools provided by Instagram, its easy to figure out why one of your posts are doing better than others. Use these tools to find out when is the best time to post. Learn more here.

  • Get Some Shout Outs

Like Instagram promotions, shout outs can help grow your Instagram following as well. Getting a shout out from an influencer can bring significantly bigger numbers of people to your brand than an Instagram advertisement.

  • Instagram Ads

The quickest way you can increase your follower base for your business is through Instagram advertisements. Advertisements from Instagram cost money, so when making these ads ensure you know your target audience and create a post that will resonate with that audience the most.

  • Use Hashtags

Like a good caption, having good hashtags are necessary for gaining impressions for your posts. Utilizing the right hashtags is an incredible method to get your posts seen by possible customers. For example if you are a travel company selling a package for an inclusive trip to the Caribbean, try using hashtags like #travel or #bahamas.

  1. Use the Tools Instagram Gives You

As you gain more followers Instagram analytics becomes a more and more useful tool. You can use Instagram’s insights tool to see your follower’s age demographic and the times your posts are getting seen by your followers. Using this information is really helpful in personalizing your content for your audience. 

This article was provided by Pierre Zarokian, CEO of iClimber. iClimber is a social media marketing company that provides Instagram Marketing Services, Faceboook Marketing and more. Pierre Zarokian can be reached on his twitter page. He also writes for Search Engine Journal publication.

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