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5 Unique Tips on How Bloggers Can Maximize Their SEO Efforts

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

SEO is needed to make the blog more popular. SEO techniques enable people to find you through search engines quite easy. Educate yourself on the four tips on how bloggers can maximize their SEO efforts.

blog seo by pierre zarokian

1- Use Company Names As Keyword Names

If you write a blog post about a certain content site that you write for online then make sure to mention the name in the title. Mention the names all through the blog. You want people to find it when they are interested to find out further information about the company. People are going to type in the company name into search engines with the end keyword review. You want your blog post to show up on the screen so make sure to put review all through it when you are typing experiences with companies.

2- Concentrate on a Niche

You want to build up a fan database with one blog as only one niche. It will increase the readership long-term in a niche blog since the fans all the same thing of common interest when they read the blog. You want to always update your niche with heavy SEO in the title and rest of the text.

3- Submit Your Site Direct to Search Engines

Bloggers often fail to use the submit their site to search engines. This is specially important if you have a new blog or website, because the only way the search engines would discover you is if you submit or if you have at least a few links to you from other websites. Since most new websites do not have links then you should submit manually at minimum to Google and Bing. You can do this by signing up to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. One other place that you can do direct submit to a search engine is Submit Express. It doesn’t cost money at all to submit to search engines.

4- Don’t forget Backlinks

Even tough you submitted your site, do not expect much traffic. You must do at minimum some SEO to your site. This means putting your keywords on your site content such as title tag and text content within. This also means getting many backlinks. Links from popular or quality sites are better than any backlink. I am not going to explain in detail here how SEO and backlinking works, but if you do not know then you should research it online or check Youtube for some videos.

5- Fresh Content is Good

You don’t want to lose the audience that you have acquired over the months. You do not want them to lose interest in the blog that you have tried very hard each day to make it be successful. You need to give correct and up to date informative blogs each day. You may even want to try a quote of the day. You may even want to try a pet peeve of the day. Anything that will keep a reader interested is one sign of success that you are doing something right with writing. News can also attract even more people who may not have been interested before, but they might be interested in the blog after they discovered it.

This article was written by Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Submit Express, an SEO company in Glendale, CA. Pierre Zarokian also writes for Search Engine Journal about SEO and Reputation Management topics. If you are looking for an expert in digital marketing, make sure to contact him or his company.

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