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4 Unique Tips on How to Market Your Self Published Book

It is never easy to market a self published book. Major publishing companies have to spend several thousand dollars on marketing for each new release that comes out in bookstores. Here are four unique tips on how to market your book.

Offer Special Rates For Group Deals

You read it right. You can market yourself to groups which will encourage them to make large order purchases of your book. You can offer a discount price that makes it such a better deal to buy ten books at once than separate. They will be glad to buy in groups rates to save money while at the same time you see results from your marketing techniques for self published book.

Market Yourself Through A Tour

You can go on a tour that you pay for yourself. You can book author signings at independent bookstores across the United States. You need to bring a few extra copies with you so that you can leave some in the bookstores. You want to leave them with reorder forms as well. You need to make sure that your book has a bar code on the back of it by the ISBN. You want to promote as much as possible in the upcoming places that you will be around and make sure to include surrounding areas in your marketing.

Attract The Right Audience

You want to attract the right audience to your book by being active on websites that are perfect for your book. If you market your book in websites that are about the subject that your book is about then you increase your chances of sales. One thing that is nice about a self published book is the control that you have over it.

Encourage Them To Act Now

Market your book in a way that makes them make a decision right then right there. One example is to tell them that it comes with a freebie during the weekend only. Another example is to offer buy one get one free. A third method is to offer them such a good price for specific days that they can not pass up.

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