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You’ve Got Mail, but How?

Article by Lo Cost Marketing.

In the article, “Your Mail Has Vanished,” Michael Specter reveals the electronic route of the email, how it travels from source to destination. He embarked on this journey because one day his friend at The New Yorker advised him that he never received his email. Specter found the email in his sent folder and send it a second time; the friend received it this time. After this experience, Specter wanted to know why some emails never get delivered. The article describes his journey and actually reveals the answers.

It also reveals just how important email has become to us. About email, the author writes: “Too often, it seems caught in some middle space—not quite writing, yet more than typing. It is a medium where you are permitted to use words in a way you wouldn’t anywhere else. It is easy to be snobby about E-mail; but for many people the words ‘You’ve got mail’ have become among the most comforting they can hear all day.”

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